Thursday, January 23, 2014

Google 20% Learning Process

Google 20% Learning Process

In this project I learned a lot. Our project was about Online Shopping Tips. We decided to do this topic because it is something we really enjoy and we wanted to learn a lot about online shopping. This project not only helped me learn about online shopping, but also it helped me accomplish my main goal in technology, to be an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology.

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  1. What were the successes of your project?
The success of our project was mostly being able to answer the questions that our audience had about online shopping. We learned a lot and that was a part where we really succeeded because we were able to become an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology. We also succeeded because we had fun while we did the project and I personally think that deserves a 4 because we succeeded.
  1. Were there any hurdles you had to overcome?
Our group had some small hurdles, like when we had to record ourselves and we didn't know how to say it professionally but we solved this problem by asking ourselves how it sounded better. We also had a problem in controlling ourselves because there were points where we laughed a lot but we did our best to have self-control. Lastly our smallest problem was that once I didn't come to school or Manuela Pacheco didn't bring her phone but to solve this we worked around our problems by working on other things.
  1. Was there a point where you had to stop and readjust the project on a grand scale?
There was only one small point when we had to stop because we decided to change one of our steps. Instead of using screencast to answer our audience’s questions we did videos with little signs.

  1. What were the weaknesses of your project?
The weaknesses of our project was that we didn't get as much done as we would have liked to. Although we worked all the time really hard and all the questions were answered, we didn't get the chance to assemble the project in class, instead we had to do that at home. This weakness taught me that sometimes you can work a lot and really hard, but when in groups you should take the advantage that some people can work on some things and the other people on other things. If we would have done this, maybe we could have gotten more things done in class and maybe answer even more questions of our audience.

  1. What was the most important thing you learned throughout your project (can be more than one thing)?
I learned many things in this project. The most important thing I learned was to become an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology while shopping online. This was really important and helpful to me because I shop online a lot and with this project I can do that much better. Not only more efficiently and independent but also more responsible and having a lot of more knowledge while shopping online. Other things I learned in this project were that working as a team can help you do things much better, you can have a lot of fun researching, that all the ideas can make a difference in a project to make it better for learning and having an impact in your projects to make them from a 1 to a 4.

  1. If you were assigned this project again, what topic/goal would you choose?
If I were assigned this project again, the topic I would choose would be cyberbullying because I find that topic very interesting and important to me and to other people because cyberbullying can make a terrible difference in your life and cyberbullying should stop. Also researching about cyberbullying would help me become an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology while trying to stop cyberbullying.
  1. So what is so important?
As a conclusion I found this project really interesting and helpful because, like I said before, it helped me become  an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology which was my main goal in the first place. When I started this quarter I wanted to become an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology and with this project I can proudly say that I have accomplished this goal and I am happy to be able to say I have finished the quarter of computers and I am now  an effective, independent, and responsible user of technology and I have been able to accomplish my goal.

The End
By: Manuela Cortes